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Required High School Tennis Courts


The Los Alamos High School tennis teams have 4 courts on West Mesa.  They are in bad shape.  In addition, the high school boys or girls has not hosted a district tournament or any tournament in over 10 years.  The requirement to host a district tournament is to have 9-12 courts in one location.  This also allows the tennis teams to host more tournaments during the year.

The County Parks & Recreation Committee has performed a study of all courts in Los Alamos County.  See the link to see that report  They have suggested that if the money can be found, the schools/county could work out an agreement to build 9-12 new courts somehwere in the County such as 12 on DP Road, or 6-7 new courts at Pinon Park which the schools own most of the land next to Pinon Park. 

The Los Alamos Tennis Club played a pivotal role in this study.  We continue to work with the County in their working relationship with the schools.  We need your support as parents or students to help convince the two entities to produce 12 courts mainly for the schools.  The adult USTA teams need 5 courts at on location for their matches.